il Tartufo


You might look at the picture up there and think it looks like a bag full of dehydrated buffalo chips, but to the well trained eye, and anyone familiar with the lucrative fungus is aware that my husband is holding in his hands a truffle.  It is not chocolate.  No, this is what every culinary chef dies to get their opportunity to experiment with and we had that blessed opportunity the day of our Italian wedding!


As we were walking to the cascate delle marmore we passed this man and immediately my husband stopped in his tracks, spun around and started speaking to him and picked up this dark piece of excuse me if I say it, turd looking thing!  (I was still new to speaking Italian, and had never in my life seen a truffle, nor even knew they existed!)  My love has introduced me to so many beautiful wonders, truffles are on the list!

The man and David spoke back and forth, then things became a bit more intense.  They began to barter.  People passed by–“Viva la sposa!”  They would shout out to me–“May the bride live!”  All the while, Dearest and the truffle salesman continued to counter each other’s offers.  David wanted two of the smaller truffles for a certain price, but it was too little, a medium for a bit more, he wanted too much, etc.  DSC_0065Finally the man and David settled on us purchasing the largest of them all for 40 euro. We got away with robbery! You may say that is a lot, but if you knew how big this truffle was, and what it was worth….If you purchased it in the states one would have paid at least $200.  The man was tired and he knew no one would want to pay for that large of a truffle!

We said our goodbyes.  We went and took fabulous pictures……DSC_0121

We ate a 12 course meal that night, partied until 3 am……..

The next evening around 10pm, my love remembered the truffle!  He had wanted to make it for everyone and many were leaving the next day.  So he did as many Italians would late at night, he made a dish for our guests that they have not stopped talking abut since!  In fact every time we mention our trip to Italy and our wedding, the first thing they say is—–oh, that truffle with spaghetti!!!!

I think it had not just to do with il tartufo, but also with the company, the Italian countryside and the feeling of just enjoying a late night tartufo spaghettata with besties and family before we were all going to pack up the next day.

I do have to say, for me my first taste of tartufo was AMAZING.  I will never forget IT and neither will our guests that evening.

If you ever find a tartufo and want to share with us, we will make the dish for you!  🙂


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